March 26-30, 2010, IHEP, China


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Download: Meeting room table           (updated on March 24)

 A brochure on the meeting arrangement

Useful information about LCWS10 (PDF)

Dear participants of LCWS10,

   Welcome to Beijing.

 Below are some information which you may find useful.

Currency used in China is Chinese Yuan or RMB, the exchange rate is the same at the airport, hotels and banks. You may want to make some exchange for use to call a taxi, pay registration fee and for various uses. Actually there are 2 foreign exchange places and three ATM machines in the complex of Friendship Hotel.

Getting to the hotel

The best way from Beijing International Airport to the Friendship Hotel is to take a taxi, it costs about 20 US dollars equivalent.

The check in is at the building you booked. You can show the taxi driver the building you will be in.

Download  in PDF



1.   贵宾楼(Guibin, building 1

2.   怡宾楼(Yibin, building 4

3.   敬宾楼(Jingbin, building 2


Dear Sir,

Please take me to Friendship Hotel, which located at 1 Zhongguancun South Steet.
I want go to Gubin Building 1; Yibin buliding4; Jingbin, building 2. Thank you!



On-site Registration

Time: 1) 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm, March 25, 2010
Place: Lobby of Building 1(Guibin, 贵宾楼)

     2) 8:00am – 5:00 pm, March 26, 2010
Place: Room 101, Meeting Hall (Meeting Hall 会议楼)

Registration Fee

Register before March 1, 2010

3050 RMB/participant

Register after March 1, 2010

3200 RMB/participant


All registration fee must be in cash only. Chinese RMB in Cash is preferred and suggested. US dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen will also be accepted. There are two foreign exchange places and three ATM machines in the complex of Friendship Hotel. The exact amount for US dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen is:


Register before March 1, 2010

Register after March 1, 2010

US Dollar






Japanese Yen



Participants will receive a bag containing the meeting material: program of LCWS10, a map for Friendship Hotel, a map of Beijing, name tag, coupons for lunches, invitations for the reception and the banquet. You should get a receipt after you have paid the conference fee.

For companions, the additional cost is 90 RMB for each lunch, 350 RMB for the reception, and 450 RMB for the banquet. 

Group Photo 

Welcome all participants to take conference photo at the tea break (10:30 am) on March 26, in front of Friendship Palace(友谊宫).


Breakfast is covered by the rent of the room, one coupon per room for the room price. If you have some companions, you need to buy additional breakfast coupon at the check in desk.

For the persons staying in building 1Guibin, 贵宾楼, breakfast will be served in Guibin (80 RMB/ticket). For other people, breakfast will be served at Juheyuan Restaurant (聚和园餐厅) (40 RMB/ticket) in Friendship Palace(友谊宫),

Lunches will be served at Juheyuan Restaurant (聚和园餐厅)Friendship Palace(友谊宫).

Reception is in the evening, March 26, at Juheyuan Restaurant (聚和园餐厅), Friendship Palace(友谊宫)

Banquet is in the evening March 29, at Ball room (聚英厅), on second floorFriendship Palace(友谊宫),


The joint plenary and GDE plenary meetings will be in the Symposium Hall in the building of Meeting Hall. The GDE parallel sessions are to be held in the building of Meeting Hall. Refer to scientific program.

The LCWS plenary will be in room 1+2 of Building 7瑞宾楼) on the second floor for the afternoon of June 26, and in ballroom of Building 1 (贵宾楼), the afternoon of June 29 and the morning of June 30. The parallel sessions are held in meeting rooms in building 8 (嘉宾楼).


After the program is finalized, should be a few days before the meeting starts, you can upload your talks to the Indico system.


Assistances are available in the room at the northeast corner on the 2nd floor of the building of Meeting Hall. There will be a few computer terminals at that room for participants to check emails.

Phones of workshop secretaries:

Mr. Deng, Tiejun  13641390481

Ms. Jia, Yinghua  13661025689


ILC2010/ LCWS2010:

(Updated by: Feb.23, 2010)

Registration for LCWS10 is still open

For various reasons, some persons interested in participating LCWS10 have not

registered yet. Here is to announce that the online registration will still be available,

you can register and book hotel room till the start of LCWS10. But we should

warn those persons who may need Chinese visa, the time is very limited, you

should be hurry.

See you all soon in Beijing.


Bulletin#2 (Updated by: Feb.12, 2010)

About accommodation and Visa

Dear LCWS10 participants,

If you plan to stay at the Friendship Hotel during the workshop, please directly contact with the hotel as instructed under accommodation.

Some people have not done so, only indicated when they made registration.That is not enough. After you book the room at the hotel, the hotel will give you a notice of confirmation.

During Feb. 13-20, 2010, people in China will have Spring Festival vacation. Visa application will be in process after this period.

See you in Beijing soon.



Download pdf

The 2010 LCWS and ILC workshop will take place March 26-30, 2009, Beijing, China, and we are pleased to provide some general information about this meeting.


Web Page
The web page of the workshop is http:// The web site will be continuously updated along with the progress of the workshop organization and the status of the scientific program.


Conference Venue
The conference will take place in the Friendship Hotel(
友谊宾馆) in Beijing, its web site is The information about the hotel location, the map in the complex can be found there.


Registration by email or through network is greatly encouraged for the benefit of organizing the workshop. And registration is required no matter you need Chinese visa or not. After your registration, the material for applying Chinese visa will be sent to you if you indicated so when you make registration. There is no plan to collect registration fee before you come to the workshop.

There will be an early registration on March 25 in the hall of Jingbin Building (Building 2) of the Friendship Hotel from 17:00 to 20:00. Registration will begin at 08:00 on March 26, 2010 in the hall of Meeting Hall, where the first day meeting will take place. The registration desk is also your main point where you can get help at any time.


Registration Fees
The registration fee is 3050 Chinese yuan (RMB), roughly 450 USD according to the exchange rate on Oct. 10, 2009, if you register before the 28th February, 2010. After first of March, The registration fee is 3200 Chinese yuan (RMB). The companion charge for the banquet is 450 RMB. All registration fees must be paid in RMB.

There are three different types of hotel rooms, in three different buildings at the Friendship Hotel(
友谊宾馆), they are Guibin (贵宾楼), Jingbin(敬宾楼),Yibin(怡宾楼). The price of each night for the workshop for four different kinds of rooms are: in Guibin (Building 1):700(25m2) and 800(38m2) RMB, in Jingbin(Building 2, ~20m2 ):460 RMB, in Yibin(Building 4, ~20m2):560 RMB. We reserved a total of 250 rooms, the number of some rooms are limited, please book your room as early as possible. We reserved the rooms till Feb. 25, 2010. Some information can be found at The room can be reserved by email with or,

Please provide the name/names, your employee, your nationality, arrival and departure dates, and what type of room you want. The hotel will provide the confirmation.

You can also book a room by calling 861068498080 (24 hours).

Please indicate the code of LCWS10 when you book a room for getting workshop price.

For students, some less expensive rooms can be booked at the guest house of IHEP, you can contact with for information. You will take bus to the Friendship

Hotel with IHEP people each day. The number of rooms is limited.

There will be internet access in all the workshop sites. You will receive information on how to connect to the wireless network, along with your user name and password, in your registration packet.


Scientific Program
The timetable, room assignment, and agenda for the plenary and parallel sessions will be accessible when they are ready.


Getting to Friendship Hotel
From Beijing International Airport, you can call a taxi directly to the Hotel building you booked. The price is around 110 RMB. There is also cheaper public transportation by subway or shuttle bus, but takes more time.

Public Transportation
Public transportation in Beijing is well developed. Information can be searching for Beijing public transportation.


Social Events
Information about the social events will be available on the LCWS10 web page.


Beijing Tourist Information and Attractions
Beijing is the capital of China and the city for 2008 Olympic Game, with many tourist attractions and cultural events. More information can be found by searching for Beijing attractions on the web.


The weather in Beijing in late March is mild. Average maximum temperature is around 14oC and average minimum temperature around 4oC. Sometimes the maximum temperature can be as low as a few degrees.


The phone number for ambulance is 120, for police is 110, and for fire is 119.

Fax: +86 10-88233374

Weiguo Li
Chair, Local Organizing Committee

Jie Gao
Co-Chair, Local Organizing Committee